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We are Medcolcanna Organics

Medcolcanna’s vertically integrated business model provides the support and structure to leverage Colombia’s natural competitive economic advantages and environmental sustainability, so we can connect the people of the world with the healing power of cannabis.

Based on sound scientific research we developed our genetics to proprietary formulations and medicinal products that reach the highest standards for the global industry.

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Invest in Medcolcanna

Medcolcanna provides an excellent return opportunity for those who invest their time, financial resources, and ideas in our company.

With our collaborative and partnership, approach we work together with International and local industries providing, production and extraction services that advance the development of the cannabis industry, to everyone’s benefit.

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We are a Canadian cannabis company with fully licensed operations in Colombia. We cultivate and transform cannabis into high-quality raw materials, commodities, and finished cannabis products for the global market, like nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and medicinal products.

Medicinal Formulations
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Registered varieties
Tons of extraction capacity

As Medcolcanna, we believe in growing this industry together.

This is why we support the local industry with products and services designed for small growers and local communities. Our contract manufacturing service provides white and private label solutions for the Colombian, LATAM, and Global market.

Our Portfolio


Our extraction plant and services. With capacity to process over 300 tons of dry flower per year, we offer different types of extraction methods and finished products.

MCCN Organics

Medcolcanna offers a wide variety of products. Our catalog offers a range of products from isolates to CBD oils.


Cannav is our retail company in Europe, based in Switzerland.

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