We are Medcolcanna Organics

A medical Cannabis Company

About Medcolcanna

We are a medical cannabis company striving to be the global leader in commodities and the best partner for the cannabis industry in Colombia. Medcolcanna has the technology, but more importantly, the team and knowledge to deliver.

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About our Story

We are all naturally curious and seek answers to the questions we ask. We have explored space, investigated our oceans, gone where no other human has gone, but recently we are exploring inward. We have delegated critical importance to our well-being and tranquility, seeking to reconcile the great distance between our mind and our body. And in this quest, we have turned our gaze back to nature. Like it, our well-being depends on balance, a perfect balance between our minds and bodies. And we want to help people, and we want to remove their fears, remove all myths about medical cannabis.

To do that, we have our products, our research, our work that seeks to change the world. And while this statement sounds ambitious, it is something we can achieve. And we know this because we have done it and will continue to do it for years to come.

We are Medcolcanna Organics.

El Candil
Greenhouse Development

About our timeline


Q3 – October

  • MCCN is founded
  • Agronomical testing and  1st construction phase.
  • Fully licensed operation in Colombia
  • 50 strains registered under “fuente semillera”
cultivo en crecimiento 2 medcolcanna organics cannabis compnay
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Q2 – April

  • Financing IPO TXSV: MCCN
  • ICP Acquisition (Netherlands)
  • Phase one Greenhouse Completed
  • 1st Commercial cultivation started  
  • MCCN SA established in Switzerland
mujer trabajando en la mitad del cultivo 2 medcolcanna organics cannabis compnay


  • Research and Development Program
  • Medicinal products development.
  • First cosmetic products registered in Colombia.
genetic cannabis in a tube medcolcanna organics cannabis compnay


  • First commercial harvest 4 tons of dried flower.
  • Post Harvest & Extraction Facility construction.
hoja verde medcolcanna organics cannabis compnay
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  • Launch of Nueva Medicina/ Masana to supply exclusive MCCN formulations
  • Extraction Facility completed.
  • First Extraction Equipment.
  • Phase two outdoor grow completed. 
  • Filed for 2nd cultivation license in Neiva Colombia
logo clinica masana medcolcanna organics cannabis compnay
logo extralia cuadrado medcolcanna organics cannabis compnay
full spectrum oil falling in a beaker medcolcanna organics cannabis compnay


  • First Commercial Export Europe 2500 USD per kg  CBD isolate.
  • 1st Commercial Extraction.
  • Dona Blanca JV 2ha cultivation
cannabis cultivation medcolcanna organics cannabis compnay


  • GACP Certification cultivation & post-harvest..
  • 50 ton extraction production line in place.
  • MCCN / Curativa Agreement signed to produce  Curativa’s products under INVIMA’s magistral formulation regulations. 
  • 1st US CBD extract export.
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  • GMP Certification Soluciones Magistrales Lab. Magistral formulations.
  • Approval for second farm 32 ha outdoor hemp facility . 
  • Neiva Cultivation started.
  • Commercial production
logo soluciones magistrales medcolcanna organics cannabis compnay
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  • February Masana Clinic & Farmacy started operations
  • February First commercial crop
  • Recurring commercial isolate exports to Europe
  • MCCN.SA opperates as  commercial hub for Europe and Asia
flor de cannabis outdoor medcolcanna organics cannabis compnay


  • 40 ha  in production
  • Telehealth / Cannabis health app
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About our Team

It comprises the best managers and professionals across multiple sectors, allowing us to expand our production capacities and develop and implement a sustainable business for a great medical cannabis company model over time.

Felipe de la Vega • CEO

Entrepreneur with a Masters in Finance with many years of experience founding and leading different companies. Founder of Medcolcanna. former founder and CEO of Trenaco Holding Corporation, a commodity trading company with revenues worth of USD $800 million in 2014. Led Trenaco to be the 2nd largest exporter of coking coal in Colombia; 17th largest exporter overall; and 76th largest company in Colombia.


Nicolás Rodríguez • COO

Agricultural engineer with more than 13 years experience leading innovation and business development in the agro industry. Strong leadership and technological knowledge in agricultural production. Previously General Manager at Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership; a social business builder that brings entrepreneurial solutions to agribusinesses, farmers and fishermen. He structured and consolidated all the regional operations in one national company with an investment of USD $4,5 million. He implemented a logistic and commercial platform that allows farmers to trade 5.6 million kilos of fresh products per year. He developed and led the implementation and training of a farmer allied structure that includes more than 2000 producers with formal and regular provider relationship with the company.


Chris Reid • CFO

Mr. Reid has 9 years of experience in the Colombian industry, including international business experience as a Chartered Accountant. Prior to his time in Industry, he worked with the International Accounting Firm KPMG. Mr. Reid is the CEO and President of Petrodorado, a Company that had operations in Colombia, he is also currently a director of several Canadian publicly listed companies.


Harm Hids • Head of Product Development & Business Development in Europe

Harm’s connection to medical cannabis came through a deeply personal journey. His son, who was suffering from Crohn’s Disease, was no longer responding to traditional treatments. When he discovered the benefits of medical cannabis he developed a formula that proved successful for his son. Tests on hundreds of other patients resulted in remarkable response rates. He then expanded his efforts into formulating medicines and food supplements for other diseases. Harm is fascinated with pharmacokinetics and discovering how to deliver cannabinoids to the right place, at the right time, in the right form.


Ana María Borda • R&D Director

She is an agriculture professional with a Master’s degree in agricultural studies from the University of Queensland and a PhD in Horticultural Sciences from the University of Florida. She is known for her extensive knowledge of the region’s growing conditions and for being an expert in biology, biological systems’ chemistry, biochemistry, floriculture and business and packaging sciences.


Jaime Rodríguez • Production Director

Jaime Rodriguez Gomez is an agronomist specialized in floriculture with extensive experience and a degree in administration from Los Andes University. His previous experience focused on consulting and project development, he also played a decisive role in the field of flower exports for one of Colombia’s largest agricultural companies and led the production department for a major exotic fruits exporter.


Cristina Salas • Production Manager

Agricultural engineer with extensive experience in production and exploration of minicarnation, aromatic herbs, vegetables and fruits under greenhouse conditions. Received a Master’s degree in Mediterranean Greenhouse Horticulture from Universidad de Almería.


Juan José Arango • Marketing & Design Director

Juan José brings design together with marketing and advertising, and believes in people-centred processes and the use of data to develop, validate and measure brand actions. He has been a leader in design services and senior consultant for Grupodot, working for brands including Diageo, Bancolombia, La Recetta and Ogilvy, among others. He was the regional director of strategy for Findasense, responsible for the Coca-Cola account for the Central America, Caribbean and Andean region. Having graduated with an industrial design degree from Javeriana University, and specialized in multimedia and digital editing, he is now a candidate for a Master’s degree in advertising from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. He has been a professor, researcher and lecturer, and firmly believes in strengthening the ties between industry and academia.


Yenny Ariza • Administrator Manager

A professional in business administration, Yenny Ariza has a Master’s degree in finance and has specialized in launching and evaluating projects. Her experience focuses on the management of administrative and financial groups, as well as business-related projects and social networks.


Robert Metcalfe • Chairman of the Board

Robert James Metcalfe is a lawyer and has served as President, CEO, Lead Director Chairman and Committee member on numerous publicly listed natural resource and industry company corporate boards in Canada, the USA, England, South America and Africa. He was a senior partner with the law firm Lang Michener LLP for 20 years. Throughout his career. Mr. Metcalfe has served as a director of public and private corporations including publicly listed Radiant Energy Corp., Alberta Oil Sands, LeadFX, PetroMagdalena Inc. and currently serves as director of Gran Colombia Gold Corp., WPC Resources Ltd., LSC Lithium Corp. and Agility Health Corporation. He is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors and a member in good standing of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Thor Borresen • Board Member

Thor Borresen is the Marketing Vice-president of Bavaria, the Colombian operation of the world’s leading brewer, AB-In Bev. Mr. Borresen is responsible for leading the development of a complete portfolio of local and international beer brands, boosting category growth and building the equity of the brands. His professional career spans over 14 years in different commercial roles. Before joining Bavaria, he was part of the marketing team in Kraft Foods Colombia and Venezuela, overseeing local and regional markets. He led the development and launch of a new business unit: The High End Company, integrating the roles of Sales, Marketing, Finance and Logistics for a group of Global and Craft brands. Thor is one of the most prestigious marketing executives in Colombia.


Pablo Vieira • Board Member

Pablo Vieira is the Global Director of the NDC Partnership Support Unit. In this role, Pablo leads efforts that build momentum for ambitious climate and development actions, in collaboration with governments and international stakeholders around the world. Pablo is a leading figure in the environmental, green growth, and sustainable rural development sectors in Colombia. Before joining the NDC Partnership, he served as an Advisor to President Juan Manuel Santos, managing Colombia’s accession to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and supporting the coordination and implementation of national and international commitments on the environment and climate change. In 2013, Pablo was appointed as Deputy Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, responsible for the formulation, adoption, and implementation of all environmental and sustainable development strategies, policies, and regulations. Pablo is a Chemical Engineer from Colombia’s National University and holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Tulane University in New Orleans.


José Joaquín Mora • Board Member

Jose Joaquin Mora has more than 30 years’ experience in growing, managing and leading pharmaceutical businesses in Latin America, in particular, Colombia, Perú and Mexico.
Mr. Mora was International Vice President for Latin America and Puerto Rico for Johnson & Johnson. This division achieved the status of fastest growing in the Johnson & Johnson family of companies. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of the first Technological Healthcare Platform in Colombia, Mexico and Perú.


Our Production sites in Colombia

Medcolcanna has two cultivation sites in Colombia, working our way to have 40ha of cannabis cultivation.

  • El Candil (Bogotá):
    • 6ha Indoor
    • 2ha Outdoor
  • Neiva (Huila):
    • 7ha Outdoor

Medcolcanna Organics

This is what Medcolcanna is about, as a cannabis company, we are at the cutting edge of the cannabis industry.

Medcolcanna S.A.S

Fully licensed cultivation in Colombia

Extraction Company


Fully Licensed Cannabis Clinic and Pharmacy for Magistral Formulations


GMP certified Magistral Formulations lab


Medcolcanna S.A.

Fully licensed cultivation in Colombia

Innovative Cannabis Products. 
R&D Pharma and Medicinal

Consumer Goods for the European market